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Often called “the expert's expert”,
Dr. Hall has been described by Richard Bandler,
NLP Co-Developer, as “The Ultimate Wordsmith…
The person who has probably taught me more about NLP and who continues to 
prove there is no end to this field.”

"Chris, I'd like to express my gratitude for your continued, unstinting generous work in the world of NLP.  I've continued to be inspired by your exemplifying how to follow a 'path with a heart, taking the one less travelled by' in NLP and 'making all the difference'."
(Ian Berry, England)
“I'd take training with Dr Chris Hall any day She is stunning! Not only in her amazing linguistic abilities, but also her warmth, tenacity and dedication to enhance people's lives and her evident sincerity, warmth and generosity. Thanks again for providing such a brilliant opportunity to enjoy Dr Hall's training. It was and continues to be truly a significant ongoing experience in my life and I look forward to the next training.”
(Small Business Owner, England)
“I know its a mind read, but I wonder if you fully appreciate the tremendous impact of your teachings, both initially and as a continuing process as insights continue to be made each and everyday. You truly are one of the magicians.” 
(Physicist, NASA & NLP Trainer Associate, United States)
“I use the language patterns throughout the day, opening up possibilities where people thought there were none. People reported that the problem was no longer there. Thank you for the exciting tools!” 
(University Professor and Coach, United States)
“I am noticing an increased sense for language and the underlying patterns, I can almost see them when others talk - and I listen to myself and often adjust the way I am expressing my thoughts in order to convey movement, progressing, resources, activity, choices and more.”
(Psychotherapist, Germany)
“Every day I am grateful for you and your work. I am a much more powerful coach as a result of my work with you and I am very thankful for you.” (Coach, England)
"As a former manager for a Fortune 500 company and a current school teacher, most traditional NLP techniques (touch anchors, hypnotic language, closed-eye processes, etc.) have never been appropriate in my work situation.  That is why I cherish what I learned from Chris; everything on these tapes is not only 100% effective, but usable in both the boardroom and the classroom."
(Al Konigsfeld, Mathematics Teacher)