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Language in Action

a neuro-dynamic and multi-level approach, systemic and wholistic. In this training, you will learn how the powerful tool of language can profoundly influence your experience in ways that bring forth greater potential into action in your developing language skills!

Perceptual Moves and Timely Orientations

Modal Operators as you have never before experienced them... in action: Perhaps one of the least understood of all the language patterns. Yet Modal Operators form an organizational frameworks that play an inseparable, undeniable and fundamental role in shaping thinking and setting a direction for behavior.

The Art of Training

The NLP Trainer Training with Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer, distinguished authority and a foremost innovator of NLP. Expand the range and scope of your abilities and skills to new levels of expertise… actualize greater potential for yourself and others!

The Game of Training

...from the inside out. The “game” of training is to play... to play to learn... to play to develop your potential. For certified NLP Trainers interested in the continued evolution of your competency, this training fulfills one of the requirements for certification as a NLP Master Trainer.

The Art of Modeling Change

NLP Master Practitioner Certification - a systemic and wholistic approach. An opportunity to learn the skills that last a lifetime to build successful interactions and quality relationships. This isn’t about finding out what’s wrong... It’s about testing the limits of a model. 

The Dynamics of Meta Programs in Action

All life depends on the flow of information - a force that shapes and orients our patterns of thinking and behavior. An essential and remarkable feature of the brain is that it contains an incredible amount of information, which is systematically organized by Meta-Programs.

Time-Space-View Continuum

It cannot be denied that “time” is a powerful force that impacts every area of our internal and external lives. In reality, the “clock” never stops... it is always “ticking.” Five years is going to pass regardless of what you do. At the primary level of experience, everything exists as processes -- ongoing, never-ending change as your experiences move from stage to stage.

The Paradoxical Nature of Change

Exploring double-binds, loops and paradoxes. Paradox doesn’t exist in nature where there is only movement and change. Everything moves naturally from stage to stage. Paradox results from the ways in which human beings conceptualize, analyze and describe process. In this way, process is made static.

Re-evaluating Life Story

An exploration of the past in a fresh and transformative way to enrich your life and relationships with others, because how you define your past profoundly influences your present and creates your future.