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Perceptual Moves and Timely Orientations
The Dynamics of Modal Operators in Action

Modal Operators as you have never before experienced them... in action: Perhaps one of the least understood of all the language patterns. Yet Modal Operators form an organizational frameworks that play an inseparable, undeniable and fundamental role in shaping thinking and setting a direction for behavior.

Modal Operators - Negative or Positive? Or… neither?

You will discover that Modal Operators operate as a set of instructions at the unconscious level to organize information in certain ways and not others. Modal Operators set the “operative mode” or “mindset which influences literally every area of a person’s experience, internal and external. Consequently, possibility and choice are profoundly effected in ways that limit and restrict… or expand and enrich a person’s experience.

Modal Operators - A Model of Repair or Generativity? Resource or Limitation?

The key here is how to work with and organize Modal Operators to serve as a “launching pad” that sets the desired direction, making it possible to achieve the things that are meaningful and generative in your life.

Modal Operators - A Model of Neuro-Logical Leverage

These patterns form a powerful tool to leverage thinking in ways that empower new choices and powerfully positive results in your life. This relates to the flexilibity and ease of accessing new and different levels of thinking and skill.

On a personal note: My curiosity and passion about language motivated me to explore the role of Modal Operators in shaping thinking at the deeper level. And, I was amazed by my discoveries and my experience transformed. The role of Modal Operators in shaping the thinking process is not to be minimized or ignored.

They play an integral and fundamental role in the organization of crucial activities such as motivation, decision, managing time, problem-solving, learning, planning strategies and the accomplishment of outcomes.

The primary areas of exploration and learning will include:

  • Operational Framework: How Modal Operators shape the ways in which people think and act.
  • A Dynamic Syntax and Organizational Matrix: Explore the deeper structure of Modal Operators and how they interact with other key patterns.
  • The Art of Mapping Modal Operators: Learn how to influence your thinking in ways that expand possibilities and open up greater freedom of choice.
  • The Language of Leverage: How to detect Modal Operators in language and physiology. With this in mind, you can maximize your innate abilities to motivate, manage and accomplish outcomes.
  • An Integrate Approach: Discover and utilize the resources of each Modal Operator as a set of choices to achieve results that not only manifest greater potential, also enrich your experience and relationships with others.>/li>

We invite you to join us to experience the power of Modal Operators and
gain insights into the connection between language, thought and reality to
empower yourself and others, creating quality relationships.
The benefits will last a lifetime!