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The Art of Training

The NLP Trainer Training with Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer, distinguished authority and a foremost innovator of NLP.

Expand the range and scope of your abilities and skills to new levels of expertise… actualize greater potential for yourself and others!

Often called “the expert’s expert,” Christina, was once described by NLP Co-Developer, Richard Bandler as “The person who has probably taught me more about NLP... and who continues to prove there is no end to this field.”

Christina, a seasoned and respected international trainer, is acknowledged as a major contributor to the development of NLP. She began her NLP training over 35 years ago with the NLP Co-Developers during the pioneering days (1976), and became a Certified NLP Trainer in 1980, followed by certification as a Master Trainer in 1985, and a Meta-Master Trainer awarded to her by NLP Co- Developer, Richard Bandler in 1991. Having spent 10 years working and teaching together with Richard Bandler, Christina has incorporated into her teachings and applications a unique and singular insider’s perspective.

“Thank you so very, very much for all you give. What you taught me is directly applicable nearly every time I open my mouth, and certainly inside the deeper planning of our course material.
As a result, our courses have never been better and the feedback has been excellent.”
(A.C., NLP Trainer, United States)

Christina has dedicated her professional life to advancing the field of NLP, inspired with a passion for supporting people in the pursuit of their most meaningful goals to enrich their lives and relationships with others.

Who is this training for?

This training is for those of you who want to make a meaningful contribution to enriching the professional and personal lives of others, whatever your area of application… training, presenting, teaching, counseling, coaching, team-building, goal-setting, vision-building or management.

Why join us?

Christina has developed an unparalleled system that she calls “Poly-Contextual Models.” Your learnings during this training will provide you with the knowledge, skill and techniques to organize any presentation on any topic for any group or any individual.

"I left on Sunday feeling that Module One of the Training For Trainers with Christina Hall was a wonderful and challenging experience. Christina is not simply a trainer’s trainer, she is a master of her 'art', and as with all great masters, they have perfected their craft.
I have been a trainer for more years than I would like to admit to… however, this is the first time that I felt that I was taking my first step towards mastery. Last week (only days after the training course), I had the opportunity to deliver my first NLP Modelling workshop, a two-day event taught to participants who had no exposure to NLP.
I put many of the learnings that Christina taught me into action and I had amazing results!! The feedback from the participants both on an explicit and implicit level was incredible...”
(H.A., Trainer, England)

Discover the essential “keys” that make the difference between trainings that are forgettable or fantastic, mediocre or memorable.

Lively, dynamic and interactive, this training incorporates an accelerated and synergistic approach to learning, which emphasizes a systems and process-oriented foundation. Proven through experience… reliable, practical and effective… training with Christina includes leading edge organizational and design tools, techniques and strategies you simply won’t learn anywhere else.

Christina’s engaging, charismatic and profoundly purpose-based training style focuses on providing an extensive and in-depth foundation of knowledge, learning and practical applications that will take you to the next level in your training capabilities. You will learn to:

  • Manage meaning and "leadership" through the Art of Framing to create empowering realities, just as photographers do through their images and writers through their words.
  • Create resourceful states and expansive models of thinking to maximize group dynamics.
  • Teach through example by demonstrating what you are teaching to become a “finessed” presenter.
  • Teach the conscious and unconscious mind simultaneously to integrate abilities of both hemispheres.
  • Manage the systems of Time to accomplish outcomes and actualize greater potential.
  • Install generative models through nested loops to integrate learnings throughout diverse contexts in daily life.
  • Apply systemic learning models to maximize training, consciously and unconsciously.
  • Open up new pathways of choice and opportunity to surpass your own expectations.

Specifically you will have ample opportunities to experience the essentials for organizing and delivering powerful, effective presentations, as well as design exercises that accomplish your training outcomes, including:

  • Structure of the Overall Process for Training and Learning
  • Key Design Principles for organizing training and learning, including the art of framing, contrast frames, multi-sensory encoding, nested loops / levels
  • Basic Components of Effective Teaching
  • Systems Thinking Model
  • Meta-Strategy for Presenting: The “Infinity Strategy™
  • Relevant Learning Principles… in action
  • Training Paradigm: “The Guided Discovery Model”
  • Metaphor and Story-Telling as a training and learning tool
“Thank you for delivering an absolutely delightful program. Superb experiential learnings.
I really appreciate your use of form and structure to drive process as well as the varied ways in which you are deliver information.”
(NLP Trainer and Hypnosis Trainer, England)

Seize this rare opportunity now !

Prerequisites: NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Training.

Certification: Upon successful completion of this training, participants will receive NLP Trainer Associate certification from the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. At such time, you are eligible for certification as a NLP Trainer. Certification as a NLP Trainer is awarded upon completion of certain requirements.