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The Dynamics of Meta Programs in Action

A systems and holistic approach

All life depends on the flow of information - a force that shapes and orients our patterns of thinking and behavior. An essential and remarkable feature of the brain is that it contains an incredible amount of information, which is systematically organized by Meta-Programs.

Meta Programs: Negative or Positive?

How does the brain select and structure information? Randomly? Or, as you will discover, Meta Programs are like a set of instructions that
organize information at the unconscious level. Consequently, the direction is set and the quality of your experience is affected. Prior to the
selection of response, control and choice are either limited or expand depending on the Meta-Programs that are used to organize the

A Model of Repair or Generativity?

Meta Programs function to accomplish something. The question is how do you work with them to set the desired direction, making it
possible to accomplish the things that are important in your life? The patterns you will explore in this workshop are such an integral and automatic part of every- day life that we usually take them for granted. Yet, their powerful impact is experienced in all areas of lives.

“Problems” arise when people habitually rely on one set of programs, excluding others and/or people feel stressed. Consequently, it becomes difficult to respond creatively and flexibly in such fundamental and crucial activities as motivation, decision-making, planning, managing time, and problem-solving.

Meta Programs: Limiting or Empowering?

The mechanisms that perpetuate old habits of thinking and action are the very same mechanisms that provide a “launching pad” to
empower new choices and different results in your life.

A Model of Neuro-Logical Leverage

Meta Programs form a powerful leveraging tool to open up choices and create new levels of skill that will last a lifetime.

The primary areas of exploration and learning will include:

  • Operational Framework: How Meta Programs shape the ways in which people think and act.
  • A Dynamic Syntax: Learn how Meta Programs influence each other. Explore the relationship of Meta-Programs to motivation and decision strategies and utilize these learnings.
  • The Organizational Matrix: The Art of Mapping Meta-Programs. How to quickly and usefully “predict“ responses and behavior.
  • The Meta-Programs of Time: The relationship of Meta-Programs to the management of Time.
  • The Language of Influence: How to detect meta-program patterns in language and physiology. With this in mind, you can learn how to maximize your abilities to communicate, motivate, manage, coach and train effectively.
  • Deepen rapport -- sending communication at a deeper level: Simple, yet powerful tools that “irresistibly“ match how someone thinks.
  • An integrative Approach: Discover and apply the resources of each Meta-Program as a set of choices to actualize results that perhaps you once thought difficult, challenging or even impossible.

With Meta-Programs, you can gain insights into the connections that exist between thinking, speaking and doing to empower yourself and others, creating quality relationships.