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The Art of Modeling Change

NLP Master Practitioner Certification - a systemic and wholistic approach.

An opportunity to learn the skills that last a lifetime to build successful interactions and quality relationships.This isn’t about finding out what’s wrong... It’s about testing the limits of a model.  And this begins by shifting the focus of attention from what’s wrong to where to go, and what more is there to learn and do, with an ever-increasing sense of curiosity. 

A neuro-dynamic and multi-dimensional approach

We believe that learning new techniques, although helpful, is not the direction to mastering the body of knowledge, methodology, attitude and technology known as NLP.

Join with us because you are motivated to learn how to influence the naturally-occurring and universal processes of change already present in each person that help to build mastery... and do it with purpose.

The Power of Purpose and Skill

It’s not the techniques that work, it’s you who work perfectly.  So, the question is how do you work the methodology in the processes that make the technology work... so well.  In order to do this, you need to influence people  at multi-levels.  You  are always working with neurology, the mindbody system, and choices are built physically as well as mentally.

We invite you to new levels of expertise, flexibility, creativity and skill...
in thinking and in action.

How do you take the paradigm someone is using and shift it and its orientation so that people build new neural pathways that set a new direction and opening up possibilities?  Learning how to direct the process of generalization is what will enable you to structure change effectively and make it lasting.

Discover and realize how you can
make this happen as you experiment and experience methodically and playfully
the different and distinctive neuro-dynamic dimensions of change.

Your willingness to explore, discover and use these underlying processes of change at higher logical levels of patterning is an opportunity to learn to do all sorts of things better and better. 

An action-oriented, accelerated and synergistic learning format, emphasizing the integration and balance of understanding and know-know in ways that empower people in a changing world.
Program content will include:

Structuring of Reality - Neuro-Dynamics of Belief 

  • How people build, validate and maintain beliefs.
  • Find out what weakens or strengthens a belief and change a belief.
  • What are you going to have people examine in order to build more useful beliefs?
  • How to unconsciously organize and route  information to  project into the future a greater range of choice.

Metaprogramming Processes... in action

  • Working at these higher logical levels of organization and thinking makes it possible to have more positive impact over a greater area of thinking and behavior. 
  • Reference Structures and sorting processes.
  • Rapport Strategies... at a deeper level.
  • Modal Operators of Behavior. 
  • Integrating and balancing Meta Programs
  • Directing the process of generalization

Advanced Language Patterns

  • Unconscious Linguistic Patterning.
  • Advanced Meta Model -- elicitation or installation... or both and more?  An Interactional syntax.
  • “Sleight of Mouth” Patterns of Reformulation -- creating choice points in experience.
  • Neuro-Logical Leverage and Polycontextual Mapping.

The Art of Performance Modeling
“The difference that makes the difference”

  • Strategies demystified... practical and useful.
  • Strategy elicitation:  primary macro- and micro-elicitation techniques. 
  • Critical strategies:  motivation, decision, learning, problem-solving and more.
  • Strategy design and installation.
  • Paradigm shifts and strategic change.

This program is designed to take you beyond the formulas to gain deeper understanding of the patterns of change and generativity.  This is synonymous with a command of the possibilities... in time, between times and through time as you move into the future because...

You cannot not influence!
And thought originaites with you which means your life is your creation!  Therefore, the best way to “predict” your future is to create it, because you are!