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"We are affected every hour of our life not only by the words we hear and use,
but also by our unconscious assumptions about language."
(S. I. Hayakawa, Linguist)

Language in Action... Action in Language

a neuro-dynamic and multi-level approach, systemic and wholistic, featuring Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer.

Try to imagine life without language?  Difficult, isn’t it!  Living as we know it simply wouldn’t exist... because everything you see, hear and feel is given meaning through language. 

Words are the currency of life.

Language develops the mind, influences the body, shapes your world. And as such is one of the most powerful forces in our lives.  Perceptions shape language and language shapes perceptions. So it is that language organizes literally every aspect of our lives. Language has power… the power to create your world.

"The limits of my language are the limits of my world."
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)

To ignore, minimize, underutilize or underestimate the inseparable interplay between the influence of thinking and the potency of language is to weaken the impact of your communication and compromise the quality of your experience.

  • Move from habitual, unproductive patterns to greater fields of opportunity through “perceptual moves” and “timely orientations.”
  • Detect and create pivotal “choice points” of Neuro-Logical Leverage to build foundations of possibility.
  • Bring about more easily desired outcomes, for yourself, your customers and clients.  
    Go beyond reliance on technique to find out what really makes the techniques work… and change last through time.
  • Learn the “secrets” of organizing information at multi-levels to open up choices where there were none.
  • Maximize flexibility in all your communications.

Settle for nothing but the best in language training…
the benefits will last a lifetime!

In this training, you will learn how the powerful tool of language can profoundly influence
your experience in ways that bring forth greater potential into action
in your developing language skills.

The Power of Presupposition - A Nested Structure

“The connection between language and reality is made by the definition of words.”
(Ludwig Wittgenstein)
  • Explore the nested structure of presuppositions as you learn to structure implications to deliver messages at a deeper level.
  • Combine levels of presuppositions to maximize the awesome power of presupposition... delivering “semantically-dense” communications, making it literally impossible to revert back to “old” habits of thinking.
  • Recognize ambiguity and purposefully elicit it to integrate perceptions that shift focus and create a different direction.
  • Apply the “Space-Time-View” continuum to effectively and productively use Time smartly as an organizing framework.
  • Use presuppositional interventions “conversationally” to influence the process of change.
  • Learn how syntax builds bridges, opening the present and future for resources.
“Learning is discovering that something is possible.”
(Fritz Perls)

Unconscious Linguistic Patterning and the Meta-Model

“Language is more than a means of communication… it is an organ of perception.”
(Julian Jaynes)
  • Discover the power of “labels” in organizing thought and  behavior.
  •  Extend questions as an information-organizing tool while learning to design questions to structure responses that open up possibilities where there were none.
  • Detect points of maximum linguistic leverage for easy unconscious change. 
  • Utilize the interactional syntax between the Meta Model, Meta Programs and Well-Formedness Conditions to discover the greatest level of impact.
  • Harness the set of relationships defined by Modal Operators to give meaning and power to your outcomes and goals.
  • Learn how to use the natural patterns in language to affect thinking processes in useful and productive ways.
“The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice.
And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice there is little we can do to
change until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.”
(R.D. Laing)

The role of paradox in problem formation and problem resolution

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of
thinking we used when we created them."  
(Albert Einstein)
  • Recognize paradoxes, binds and loops that limit.
  • Move beyond the dilemma of “either-or-thinking” to liberate an expanse of choice.
  • Learn how to use recursive patterns and reflexivity to create contexts which can make change an instantaneous and natural process.
  • Learn how to “deframe” and use quantification to redirect the process of generalization, opening up greater choice, flexibility and creativity.
  • Apply the “Diamond Pattern” to “less-than-resourceful” generalizations that have drawn a boundary across a unified field.
  • Learn how to make even seemingly small and subtle changes in language that have a profound affect and benefit.
"It is not the things themselves which 
trouble us, but the opinions that we
have about these things."

We invite you to join us to discover the potential and actualize the possibilities!