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AVAILABLE NOW: The Paradoxical Nature of Change - Audio Book

by Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer

The latest release from the NLP Connection: completing the Paradox Video Book, the Paradox Audio Book is now available. Recorded from a live 3-day workshop in the U.K. in 2010. Paradox and related strategies to open up its self-imposed limits has not been explored and taught so explicitly at any level in NLP - until now! This is particularly powerful, since Paradox plays an essential role in problem formation as well as problem resolution: so, whenever someone presents something as a problem, there is most likely a double-bind involved.


In this Audio Book, Christina presents generative change strategies to guide the process of generalization beyond paradoxical either-or thinking to open up possibilities where there appeared to be none - therefore, an indispensable tool for anyone who desires to make a timely contribution to the development of their clients. Read more...

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