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The Paradoxical Nature of Change (Video)

Christina Hall, Ph.D., NLP Meta-Master Trainer, is interviewed by Jamie Smart. Christina is elaborating on paradox as conscious mind process, language patterns that tend to reflect paradoxical thinking and how to leverage the power of language to open up new possibilities and flexibility.

Language and Change

In this video interview, Christina Hall, Ph.D., is talking about the hidden influences of language, the structures of time and the processes behind all NLP techniques and shares some of her most impactful experiences that make a big difference on how she understands change.

Working from the Heart

Christina Hall knows NLP and has trained many thousands to use and teach it. She began working with both Grinder and Bandler. In this 2007 Rapport Magazine article, she talks to Andy Coote.

Language in Action 

«Language is in action, exquisitely; it’s coming alive, for me and for others on the course. Christina weaves her word magic, within, and outside of, the exercises. Our worlds change in front of, and behind, our very eyes.» More than a workshop review - read about Christina Hall's PPD-sponsored Language in Action.

Expanding the Dynamics of Beliefs

Generalizations can either restrict or expand and enrich the range of possibility and choice. Creative solutions begin to emerge and possibilities open up through the use of the so-called “Sleight of Mouth” patterns, which I refer to as “Patterns of Reformulation”.

Language and Time - the Meta Model

Christina Hall presented a two-day workshop in New York City in November 1999, called Language and Time. The following is an edited transcript of a conversation between Chris and Anastasi Siotas, one of the participants and language enthusiast.